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Old Blue

Imagine her driving down the road, 1000 miles from her own home town where she grew up, when she sees it! Out of the corner of her eye at first…”Did I imagine that?”  Missing him like crazy, a double take. It’s almost identical!

She makes a U-Turn and parks next to it.  Grabbing the phone number off the newly shined windshield. She places the call. “Hello, Iʼm interested in your truck for sale, my dad drove one just like it.”  By days end, the 1972 sky blue, Chevy pick-up truck sits in her driveway.  She is now the proud owner and feels her dad closer than ever.

You see, he passed just a few months prior. And although the original truck still sits on her fatherʼs land, miles away…this one seems heaven sent. The same color, and one year newer. “Old Blue” brings fond memories, a comfort of simpler times and the promise her Dad is near.

Iʼm lucky to see her driving Old Blue around town. Whoʼs that in the passenger seat?

K,  you and your family are absolutely beautiful.  Thanks for letting me share the story behind the photos.




Red Barn Christmas…P Family

Nothing says Christmas like a red barn… now if we could just get some snow… wishful thinking.  The P family, gorgeous as always.

Happy Holidays!









K Family, Party of 5

Chalk it up to the unique ambience or more likely because this family is so genuine and GoRgEoUs…this shoot was a blast!  We followed the river until we found a great stopping point northeast of Phoenix.  We laughed, we hiked, we waded, we observed…there were so many beautiful spots, and catching the lighting at the perfect time became my goal. For the optimum result, we dodged hippies, wolf dogs on leashes, laundry on a line, photographers on the edge  (I’m not talking about me..see photo), and “Filming in Progress” (yes, a a film crew was filming).    The lighting was filtered due to a canyon wall and down towards the water, the backlight was…well… to die for!   Such a privilege to capture this “Party of Five.”   You guys were so much fun!













Photographers on the edge…



We’re not in Kansas anymore.

I’ve photographed M and her family since before she was born!    She’s off to high school next year and we decided to document her continuation by what else?  A wheat field and a shack?  We had a great time as always; her mother and I always giggle and have a good time, hopefully M isn’t too embarrassed by us.  This gal is a talented musician and we wanted her unique style to shine through.  As I photographed her in the different locations I was reminded of something I couldn’t quite put my finger on at the time.  It finally came to me days later…Wizard of Oz.  Wheat fields, old farmhouse, a location that looked like a tornado had run through and a young girl with big dreams.  Let me remind you I live in AZ; no tornados.   But we can pretend.  M, as you venture into the world, stay sweet, stay humble, be bold and always laugh.  I can’t wait to see what your future holds and always remember “there’s no place like home.”










2003-what a cutie!




K, Class of 2016 – Hamilton High School, Chandler, AZ

Photogenic beyond words, meet K.  She is beautiful, smart, and a fellow photography enthusiast…what more could you ask for?   K, thanks for the great afternoon making memories!  Have a great time down at U of A and congratulations!


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